about M.a.s krugerdorp


M.A.S is a group of diverse people, seeking the heart of God. We are a New Testament Church with a desire to help people find meaning for every part of their lives. We build people! People build families, families build communities and communities build nations! We believe that authentic Christian faith happens in a 24/7 lifestyle of fun and fulfilled living.


We are on our way to becoming “Fully Alive and Powerfully Effective”, we try to demonstrate the life and values of a loving God. M.A.S Krugersdorp is a diverse community, representing people of all ages from various walks of life. Growth and vitality are part of our culture, as are creativity and family

our Mission &Vision 

Om Die Kerk Van Christus Voor Te Berei Vir Die Wederkoms Van Christus.
Om Siele Te Wen Reg Oor Die Wêreld.
Om God Se Koningkryk Uit Te Brei Op Aarde.
Om Om Te Sien En Uit Te Reik Na Die Armes En Siekes Van Alle Nasies


To Prepare The Church Of Christ For His Future Return In Power And Glory.
To Win Souls All Over The World.
To Expand The Kingdom Of God Globally.
To Look After And Reach Out To The Poor And Sick.


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